This Blog is comprised of the works of youth ranging in age from 17-22 who are serving 3-15 year sentences at Pollsmoor Prison located just outside of Cape Town, South Africa.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

To the Youth of South Afrika

Posted From Hose Luciano Baard:

To The Youth of South Afrika:

At first I want to great you in the name of our Heavenly Father, who has granted me this golden opportunity to pick up my pen and inform you on my situation here. I find myself in a stoney place of coldness called Pollsmoor Prison.

This is a place of heartless people where everyone wears a mask, and no one is a true friend. The people around you stare with the thought of how to beat you around the bushin order to survive. Think twice for regret always comes too late. Grab hold of your freedom, because it's there where your future lies.

Hose Baard


Anonymous marcus said...

i am trying to feel and understand the tough situation one is facing when you see and feel darkness everywhere. on the other hand, i could also feel the strength and courage of this young man not to lose hope. it is an awe-inspiring courage and strength.

12:04 AM


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